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Monday, October 1, 2012


Yesterday we flew into Obre Lake where the camp North of 60 has the Main Lodge Site. The purpose of the trip had a few different reasons, the primary one was to pick up a gentleman who had been on site for security since the shutdown mid August. The replacement person was taken in the day before for his stay until spring breakup which could easily be up to 8 months. The picture above show the Turbo Otter tied to the dock with the second picture taken from above the ridge with a view over the Lodge site. 
These pictures are a North and South view of the water front looking at the various buildings. The second purpose of the trip was to ensure the gentleman (Hugh Nevins) who is spending the winter has everything working for his survival. When we arrived he had no generator working so communication with the outside world did not exist.
So, the first thing we did was get a small 2000 watt generator working giving him tempory power for the satellite system for internet and telephone. The generator was new, but the choke system was stuck closed not providing fuel for the engine to start. Bruno, a dock hand found this problem, corrected it and we were off to the races. Once the generator was running I setup the satellite sustem and computer and showed Hugh how it worked.
Good luck Hugh, keep in touch!