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Monday, September 3, 2012


 Photo by Ian Mowatt
The above pictures were taken of the abandoned weather station located at the Northeast part of Ennadai Lake located in Nunavut. On this day Ian Mowatt flew to the site contractors to complete a overall inspection for the tender process to close the site and place it back to its original landscape. The site was established in the late 40's by the Canadian Military and was taken over by Environment Canada during the late 50's. The site was abandoned of any onsite personnel and totally automated providing local weather reports at that time.
Photo by Ian Mowatt
While waiting at the site for a few hours Ian had a Caribou come strolling by. The Caribou migration in the area normally starts around August 15th, but this was the only lone animal spotted.
Ian was flying C-FSCA the Twin Otter on this day, has it secured to shore on the sand beach at the weather station site.

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