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Thursday, August 2, 2012


Now having flown in Northern Saskatchewan for nearly two months I was looking back to my first day in Stony Rapids and I remember thinking about the flowage of the river through Stony Rapids being westerly, not what I expected.
Originating from Manitoba, everything there flows North through Hudsons Bay, Hudson Strait and into the Atlantic Ocean via the Labrador Sea. That flowage is between the Artic Divide and the Laurentian Divide.
Stony Rapids is just on the East edge of the Artic Divide and the waters flow North to the Artic Ocean through the Beaufort Sea. The Great Divide runs the full length of the North American Continent. 
The little red dot shows the approximate location of Stony Rapids. The Fondu Lac River flows through Stony Rapids from Black Lake and West into Lake Athabasca. 
It is intersting the see the Artic Divide go through the west portion of Wollaston Lake. So, here the lake has water outlet to the Artic and Atlantic Ocean.

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