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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


2012 so far has been a very active fire season out of Stony Rapids. Transwest does have one aircraft dedicated to the Fire Management Program but there are times when additional aircraft are needed. On this day I have on board 3 team members and we are on a normal fire patrol heading West of Stony Rapids.
Just Northwest of Fond du Lac the projection of the rock starts rapidly with little lakes locked between the ridges.
Looking out my side window you can see the North shores of Lake Athabasca. I have added a link for information regarding the lake.

This photo shows the airstrip at Uranium City which at one time was extremely busy with scheduled air service daily from Regina and Saskatoon. The airstrip design was for small aircraft originally but was expanded to take smaller jets in later years. Although flights still occur daily the minesite was closed in the 80's and decommissioning was started a few years back.
This is an aerial photo of Uranium City. Pretty much a ghost town now, there is a small population of residents living there year round.,_Saskatchewan

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