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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


If you followed my blog I dropped 4 gentlemen from Norway at Ivanhoe Lake in early July. Yesterday being August 13th was the date for a scheduled pickup at Rennie Lake which is North of the 61st parallel in the Northwest Territories. I ended up being a few miles from the pick up point and not yet found the canoes so I figured I would set down on a beach rather than burn more fuel and possibly they could start a fire and I would see the smoke. The photo on top shows the scenery which was very low trees and lots of blueberries.
Much to my surprise after being the beach for a while I turned around to find a herd of 27 Muskox feeding and slowing moving to the South. With the wind from the South I was able to approach really close and take a few pictures. Truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.
After finding the canoers I returned back to the same location and was unable to find the Muskox. They were probably bedded down and they would blend in with the grass and brush.

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