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Monday, August 20, 2012


Photo by: Chris Stymiest
The most recent and possibly the last fire to see action this season occurred approximately 10 days ago. During a routine fire patrol out of Stony Rapids smoke was spotted on an Island on Tazin Lake. The initial attack crew of 3 fire fighters together with the necessary equipment were dispatched to the fire scene. Winds being from the North and finding Tazin Lake Lodge located on the South end of the island the crew was off loaded on the North side on a beach and the fight was on. On this day there were a few things that saved the lodge.
1) The 3 man crew worked feverishly into the late night to protect the Lodge site.
2) A water bomber seen above was great support in knocking down the big flames early on.
3) As night skys arrived so did the calming of the winds and thankfully the wind the next day was light and out of the South drawing the threat to the lodge away.
Photo by: Chris Stymiest
This photo shows one of the initial attack crew just behind the lodge with flames very near by. I brought into the site a 5 man crew to relieve the attack crew who now had work a better part of 24 hours.
I doubt the Lodge owner realized how fortunate he really was when an experienced crew came to the rescue. In a situation such as this minutes make the difference.

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