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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


If you ever wonder how the many things in the North get there, many times they are straped onto the side of the aircraft and flown in. Lumber, boats, canoes, tanks and many other things are hauled every day. These days alot less external loads are done, but years ago it was common for the moving of timber and boats into remote camps for the initial start of Lodge and Outpost camps. The top half of this first picture was the re-location of a canoe for a fall moose hunt. It was a short haul, only 30 miles.
The second half of the picture was a lumber haul for the construction of a dock at one of the Outposts. The left side had 16' and 10' material while the right side only had 10ft material. Inside I had drums and the dock was finished with a few hours after arriving at the camp. 
 In the photo I was moving freezers to the Outpost Camps. These were 12volt units and probably the nicest units I ever had. This was done using a Cessna 180. The registration was C-FSAE which was purchase new in 1961 by Stabdard Areo Engineering.
The above photo shows the tie on of a 16' boat on the top half while the lower portion had 2 canoes. On this particular day we moved 16 canoes and 32 canoers to the Berens River on the East Side of Lake Winnipeg. The most we ever moved in one day was 96 people, with canoes.

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