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Friday, August 24, 2012

Ennadai Lake, Nunavut

 On August 22 I flew into Nunavut to a lake called Ennadai. I had been there earlier in the season, but not to this particular site. I flew to the Southwest end of the lake where the Ennadai Lake Lodge is located. The two photos show the Turbo Otter tied to the dock at the Lodge site. The water is very clear, able to see the bottom at most times within the dock bay.
The purpose of this trip was to bring into Ennadai a few Government Representatives to oversee the preparation and reclamation of the old weather station located at the Northend of the Lake.
The weather station site was constructed in the late 40's with manned operation until the early 60's when it was automated and the houses were abandoned.
Ennadai is also remembered in history as being the oldest Inuit settlement in Canada. The residents (Ahiarmiut) of this area where first removed in 1950 and re-located to Nuelton Lake some 65-70 miles to the Southeast. The move occured in early spring and before the next winter most had returned to Ennadai by walking home.
It is documented and believed that starvation within the community was so extensive that another move or location was completed between 1956-1959 to Arviate also known as Eskimo Point, over 250 miles East to the Hudson Bay Coast, which at that time was within the Northwest Territiories, later becoming Nunavut. The link below details the move from many perspectives, which must have been hard for the people of the settlement. It is a fantastic read!!!!!!
Pictures of the Lodge rear and front view. With 12 suites, six on either side of the Main Lodge the all in one self contained design makes it very managable for the staff looking after the guests.  
Although much of Ennadai Lake is above the tree line, this portions still has some smaller growth pines. The Lodge is located on a sand point with a airstrip running through the middle, the floating dock on one side and the lodge located on the other. I was told that the Caribou Migration was underway, but I was not lucky enough to see any on this trip. I do expect a few more trips there this fall, so possible at that time we will see more wildlife.
Ennadai is known for the Barren Land Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Moose, Caribou and Musk-Ox.

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