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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I was fortunate to provide a charter flight for Sask Power to Wellington Lake recently. I had to wait for the engineers so I had the plant engineer give me a tour while doing his rounds of the day. Rounds of the day means doing a tour of 3 power generating stations that were built many years earlier by the Mining Company and community of Uranium City. The pictures above are the Otter parked at the dock on Wellington Lake. The picture just below that is of the body of water above Wellington with a water supply tunnel for the water turbines. The difference in elevation between these lake is approximately 70 feet producing 33PSI at the turbines. 
 Although difficult to see the top portion of this picture shows a V built of steel which is approximately 16ft in diameter. This is the water supply from the above lake into the two turbines at Wellington Lake. Although the stations were built for the mining company, the mine was shut down in the 80's leaving the stations with operating management or a need for the production of the power.
So, Sask Power purchased the stations from the mining company for 1 dollar subject to the supply of power to the communities in the future if necessary. Sask Power agreed and invested into the stations which now produce power into the provincial grid from the North going South.
 This picture above is split in two (side by side) showing a gate valve that when closed stops the wtare supply to the generators. The one on the left is extended and open while the right one is closed to the generator. These Generators are vertical shaft turbines made bt Allis Chalmers. The first one was installed ion the early 30's with the second the follow 7 years later.
The above picture shows the casing of the water turbines after installation. The top half which was the first installation has a rivetted casing made of steel which was not cast. The lower casing was cast with a flange and bolted together. Each turbines was rated for 3000HP.  

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