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Sunday, July 1, 2012


 At 7:00 AM today I started out on a 175 mile trip across Northern Saskatchewan part of the Northwest Territories and into Nunavut. The destination was Rochon Lake. Aurora Exploration was the customer with two geologists planning to spend a few days on the island claimed by the company many years before. Prior to departure from Stony Rapids a beautiful Beech 18 flew in and landed while I was taxiing out.
This picture was taken 25 minutes before arriving at the destination. The big body of water to the right is Kasba Lake. When the photo was taken I was over the Lodge known as North of 60. 
I found a great spot on the Northwest corner of the island with a smooth flat rock where I nosed in the Otter. This picture shows the Otter and the supplies for this week. I go back later in the week and move the geologists further North, approximately 190 miles from Stony Rapids.

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