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Sunday, July 29, 2012


Yesterday at 3:30PM received a call from the dispatcher requesting I complete a flight for the fire fighters to Collins Bay. The day before a crew was taken into the fire which at the time was very small, but with the winds picking up throughout the day the fire grew out of control. Mine sites close by were evacuvated to Points North in the afternoon.
Above a Bell 205 with a bucket was actively trying to put out this small portion of the fire because this was just North of the larger fire and I needed to put down to drop off the fire crews I had on board.
This was the shoreline on a small lake where I need to land with the Turbo Otter. Just behind me when this photo was taken was the much larger fire actively being worked on by 3- CL-215 water bombers with the Birddogs, 3 Helicopters and Corvair tankers were returning to LaRonge for reloading of chemical to assist in dropping the loads on Sub Stations and critical areas for the mine sites. This location was as close as we could get to the fire itself and from the sand beach where I dropped the crew the Helicopters would relocate the crews closer to work the fire.

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