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Thursday, June 21, 2012


Yesterday I flew some engineers of Sask Power to Tazin Lake. Back in the late 1930's some mining companys requiring additional power for the mines came up with a very creative way of gaining water for the generating stations they had built. Tazin Lake with a very large flowage into the Territories and a diversion built at the east end. See Below. A tunnel nearly 1 kilometer long with a 10 meter drop was cut through the rock heading South to another lake which would join the Wellington Generating Station.
The picture below shows the structure on Tazin Lake with Gates to control flowage. No knowing the exact numbers, but the tunnel was approximately 16 ft deep and 10-12 ft wide.

Below is the Otter tied to an old dock at the tunnel site.

After the completion of the tunnel the flowage going northbound was reduced by placing a weir to raise the water levels and getting to flowage to increase through the tunnel. This site will see an upgrade of the weir with a new construction being completed in 2013. There is certainly alot of history here.
Amazing the creativity and hard work with the resources of the 1930's.

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